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Retiros Detox em Sintra

Lugar à Pausa... em Sintra

Retiros breves de Chi Kung e Detox


Time to pause… tune out without… tune in within

In this contemporary life of ours, feeling wound up, stressed, agitated or anxious tends to become the norm.Taking time out is a real necessity and the place to pause offers the perfect conditions to do so. On the outskirts of a small village in the Sintra Natural Park Reserve, this beautiful family house has the capacity for 8 guests.

The house was built using Feng Shui concepts to allow for an optimal energy flow. The bedrooms are simply decorated to promote tranquility and rest. The living space is spacious and luminous providing different areas to read, relax, and enjoy the surrounding countryside. A varanda encircles the house on three fronts where you can immerse yourself in different sights and sounds of the surrounding countryside.

The programs offered are designed to be simple and unconstrained with practices that are conducive to relaxing, comforting and restoring the body. During the period of the program you are invited to accommodate yourself to a regular schedule of quiet activities, meals of simple, organic and nutritious food, while it is recommended to refrain from outward communications, namely using cellphones and Internet.

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After a pause

You may feel relaxed and invigorated

Your body released of tensions, more flexible and grounded

You may feel it is easier to focus, your mind becomes calmer

And the challenges of daily life feel less overwhelming


The program is structured around an integral body practice which includes Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung and a simple, nutritious detox diet. The Five Element Theory of Chinese Traditional Medicine is the founding principle that defines these practices.

Available activities

To pause is not always easy, and a simple routine can be a way to help the body and mind relax and let go.

  • Meditation sitting practice in the morning and evening
  • Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung practice in the morning and afternoon
  • Free time for reading, walking or just enjoying the surroundings
  • Tui Na Chinese Massage to regulate the body (not included in the package)

About Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung

ChiKungA2_0With virtually no external movements, Zhan Zhuang is the most potent form of Chi King developed. It is a unique exercise system concentrating entirely on the inner workings of the human body through a variety of carefully composed postures. Zhan Zhuang means ‘Standing like a Tree’ and reference to this practice can be traced as far as Lao Tse’s writings in the Tao Te Ching. The practice does as it suggests: it develops great inner strength like that of a magnificent mature tree.

These exercises can be performed by anyone regardless of the state of their health. The movements and positions are generally standard, but how they affect each person depends on their individual needs and capacity.

Zhan Zhuang is a discipline of a vaster Internal Martial Arts system, Yiquan or Da Cheng Chuan, and was developed during the first half of the twentieth century in Beijing by Master Wang Xiangzhai. Master Wang Xiangzhai is considered to be the founder of the modern version of the system which was brought to Europe by Master Lam Kamchuen.

If you are interested in finding out more about these ancient practices you will find books on the subject available at the house.


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and in between meal snacks are provided according to a detox program designed to allow the digestive system a rest while also producing a cleansing effect.

The complete menu will be disclosed before each event. All meals are prepared with products from local organic farms and according to the Five Elements Theory of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Additional information

Accommodation is limited to 8 participants, in shared bedrooms, three with 2 beds and one with a double-bed. See photographs to choose on booking if available.

Traveling: Sintra is a World Heritage Natural Park Reserve situated 45 min from Lisbon International Airport. If you are interested in prolonging your stay to visit Sintra or Lisbon, it is possible to stay at the house but please check and book in advance. If you decide to stay for sightseeing, renting a car is recommended.



Weekends are often occupied with all sorts of things we did not have time to do during the week, and so relaxing or resting can be put on hold.

On a weekend pause, for two days you have the opportunity to disconnect from your responsibilities, schedules and duties, allowing the body to relax and connect within.

Arrivals should be on the evening of the day before each retreat, dinner and first night are included in the price. Other times of arrival can be arranged if this does not interfere with the activities of the program.

Special launch price per person

2 days (weekend, 2 nights) – 80€

Price includes accommodation, meals, all daily practice sessions

Transfer from and to the airport can be provided for international participants.


Pause for Spring

April – 1, 2

May – 27, 28

Pause for Summer

June – 24, 25

Summer break

Pause for Autumn

September – 23, 24

                   October – 28 A Day of Practice

November – 25, 26

Pause for Winter

December – 30, 31


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